11 Ways To Make Money Traveling

Ways To Make Money Traveling

Before we get started, it’s important to understand that HOWEVER you decide to make money while traveling will cost you something- whether it be your time, flexibility in your schedule, or missing an activity you really wanted to do . No different than being at home, when you’re abroad, no one will just give you money to sit around and do nothing. The first thing I tell everyone who wants to start a travel blog is how much work it is,

Regardless of which option below you think fits your style and skills best, there will be days you’d rather be at the beach or sleeping in, but instead you’ll have to do the thing that is paying for you to have the life you want in a destination you previously only dreamed of.

That said, over the past 10 years, I’ve had some weird jobs- I’ve worked on a cruise ship in the South Pacific, Au Paired two children, taught English in Europe, and bartended in Australia, While they were all a lot of work, each job was totally worth it because it gave me an income (or free flights) to see the world. I would not have been to 40 countries by my 26th birthday if I hadn’t worked while I traveled.

Without further ado, here are these 11 ways to make money traveling.

Teach English abroad (TESL)

Are you fluent in English? If yes, then teaching English is one of the most demanding jobs all across the globe. Teaching a foreign language is a great way to earn good money, and if you are a native speaker, there are great opportunities for you at school to be hired.

Moreover, you can increase your work chances by taking a TEFL course and getting certified and becoming an English expert.

But it’s there aren’t jobs just for English speakers out there.  If you speak languages like Spanish or German you may have to ask the locals about any Spanish or German institute and ask them about any job opportunities there.

Freelancing Online 

Why not become a digital nomad? Freelancing is the easiest online method to choose from this list of 11 ways of money traveling. From around the world, a lot of clients are needing different kinds of jobs online. You have to apply in the desired area and demonstrate your skill in that particular area.

In the beginning, you might find it quite difficult as you don’t have much experience, or a proven track record. But as time goes by and you do work at a high level, your profile gains positive feedback, you will be able to find consistent work and the better the feedback the more you can charge!

If you have skills in writing, editing, social media, video, translating, data entry, animation, research, or really anything you can get set up on Fiverr and start freelancing right away.

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