12 BEST Hostels in Amsterdam for Solo Travelers, Party & Chill 2021

Amsterdam is one of the most traveled cities in the world. Amsterdam holds an appeal for everyone – gabled architecture and treasure-packed museums for history and art lovers, and vintage-filled shops for new-age travelers and plenty of free-spirited drinking and dining scenes to appeal to revelers!

When in Amsterdam, be sure to stay at one of these budget hostels and save your money for other things.

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FAQs about hostels in Amsterdam

  • What’s the best hostel in Amsterdam for solo travelers?

    ClinkNOORD is definitely one of the best choices for solo adventurers. You can easily socialize at the hostel’s multiple communal areas, including a spacious atrium, library, bar, and cafe. It also hosts various events, such as live music, DJ sets, free city tours, or cocktail workshops. Moreover, the staff is multilingual and always happy to help.

  • What’s the best party hostel in Amsterdam?

    Are you a party lover looking for a hostel to stay? Then, Flying Pig Downtown is the right option for you. Not only is it located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the best bars and nightclubs, but you can also unwind with your favorite drink at their own bar. It hosts regular DJ nights for the best vibes. The next day, you can cure the hangover with a free breakfast.

  • How much are hostels in Amsterdam?

    Amsterdam is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. And so, hostels there are not cheap. On average, a night in a dorm in a hostel in Amsterdam costs around USD$ 30 per night. For those who prefer a bit more privacy and comfort, private rooms in hostels range between USD$ 70 and USD$ 120.

  • Are hostels in Amsterdam safe?

    Yes, for the most part, hostels in Amsterdam are safe, like the city itself. Even though Amsterdam is known for its liberal policies towards sex and drugs, it was voted the safest city in Europe in 2019, according to the Safe Cities Index. However, like on any other trip, you should take usual safety precautions, especially at night.


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