Alison Brie Accidentally Showed Ellen DeGeneres A D**k Pic The First Time They Met!

Imagine you’re meeting a celeb for the first time and the first thing they do is… show you a d**k pic.

OK, if you’re us you just went to a very visual place with Chris Hemsworth, but in this case the star was actually Alison Brie, and the starstruck — or something-struck anyway — civilian was none other than Ellen DeGeneres!

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On the troubled host’s show on Monday, Alison recalled the story of the first time they’d met, which was not on a set or at an awards show but rather at the gym they both went to.

Unfortunately the meeting the Community alum remembers is a mortifying one in which she put her NSFW business right in Ellen’s unsuspecting face. She recalled:

“I’m so glad that you remember that we met before even though I feel like it was a little embarrassing for me because the nature of our meeting. I was rushing into the gym and I had been receiving some sort of prank texts that morning. And, you know, I’ve known our trainer Jason for a while, so I share things with him all the time.”

And what she had to show this day was…

“And I came in bursting like, ‘Everybody, you gotta see what I’ve been receiving on my phone!’ And as I go to show him, there you are, just passing by, you’re sort of just lunging by. And you were like, ‘What’s going on?’ And I whipped around — I think before I realized it was you — I was like, ‘Look at this!’ And, you know, it was a photo of a man’s nether regions.”

There it is! LOLz! Not sure if this was a prank war or a #MeToo situation, but we do know it was not hubby Dave Franco — that would have been WAY more embarrassing! But Alison clarified:

“Nobody I knew, a stranger! I had been getting those texts all morning and I really, really kind of put it in your face and I apologize.”

Thankfully for Brie, who was on the show promoting her new Hulu lesbian holiday movie, Happiest Season, Ellen barely remembered the member — she was more interested in what was going on with the star’s body! The 62-year-old said:

“I do remember that, I do. But what I remember more than that was how strong you were, because I think you were training for GLOW. I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ You were so impressive, it was intimidating. I couldn’t believe how strong you were.”


Ellen continued:

“I remember that more than the image that you showed me. That doesn’t seem to stick on my memory!”

Yeah, for some reason we guess a d**k pic just doesn’t impress Ellen much. LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the video to see more of their conversation (below)!


[Image via The Ellen DeGeneres Show/YouTube.]

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