An audio treat for jazz enthusiasts

Fortnite’s Slick emote is one smooth piece. It is like auditory candy for jazz enthusiasts with moves smooth as silk.

Like many emotes, Slick comes from real life. So, where did this Fortnite sensation get its roots? Who danced the dance? Who played that funky tune?

Let’s take a look at Slick, its hot soundtrack, and even more seductive moves.

The Slick Fortnite Emote

Slick comes from a dance routine by Jean Charles, aka JoYsS, a French dancer. Back in 2015, he performed in a swing dance event in Montreal. Fast forward a few years to 2018, and Epic Games contacts JoYsS to become a part of Fortnite. Then, in 2019, players could purchase the Emote in-game for 500 V-Bucks to replicate JoYsS’s moves to a swaggy saxophone groove.

Players got an early look at Slick when Emote videos surfaced at the end of January of 2019, shortly before its release on February 10th of the same year.

That groove, by the way, is the original music JoYsS danced to back in 2015. Its title is “Take Five,” and it is by Dave Brubeck. Written in a 5/4 time signature, “Take Five” has become popular among Fortnite fans, inspiring videos such as the following:

The next time Slick is in the Fortnite in-game item shop, players can fully appreciate it and where it comes from, knowing that it puts a smile on the original dancer’s face. Players may have to wait a bit, as Slick was available recently on February 2nd, 2021. Who knows when it will be available again.

Those who would like to know more about JoYsS and his work, can check out his YouTube channelInstagram, and Facebook page. The man is a joy to watch, and he puts his entire heart and soul into his craft.

Published 03 Feb 2021, 23:59 IST

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