Big E thanks Paul Heyman after winning the Intercontinental title

New Intercontinental Champion Big E broke character to say some kind words to Paul Heyman after WWE SmackDown. Big E thanked Heyman for what he said to him a few weeks ago on Talking Smack.

The New Day member won the Intercontinental title on SmackDown after he defeated Sami Zayn.

Big E was a guest on this week’s Talking Smack, where Paul Heyman is one of the hosts of the show. Heyman congratulated Big E on winning the Intercontinental title, and the new champion had a few words to say to Heyman. 

“Thank you for your words, was it a couple of weeks ago? Whenever that was. It was meaningful, very very meaningful. I do, honestly, want to thank you, Paul. Thank you for the words. Because, sometimes, you know something, but hearing it from someone – someone of your career, your stature – it really hits home to. So I appreciate that, you know. Sometimes you’ve got to be reminded that, ‘you’ve got it, you’ve got the juice’ – so I do appreciate that. You know, too, it’s a business where you can have ‘it’, you can be here and do all the work and you can show up and you still never get the ball,” said Big E. 

Big E then said that there have been several people in the pro wrestling business that are in great shape and have the ability, but never get the opportunities that they deserve. He wanted to make sure that that did not happen to him in WWE.

Big E’s singles run in WWE

The New Day
The New Day

The New Day were split up in this year’s WWE Draft as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted to RAW, while Big E remained on SmackDown. This marked Big E’s return to singles competition after six years, having not been a singles wrestler as part of The New Day.

In his first singles run, he won the Intercontinental Championship, and two months after beginning his second singles run, he has won the title once again. Paul Heyman has predicted big things for Big E and has stated that this is his “first step” towards Roman Reigns.

Published 27 Dec 2020, 18:38 IST

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