Branded Ketchup Packet Rollers : Ketchup Packet Rollers

HEINZ is helping fans get the most out of their ketchup packets with the launch of the new Heinz Packet Rollers. Whether you’re getting takeout, delivery, or going to the drive-thru, the new device will ensure you can get every last bit of sauce.

Ashleigh Gibson, Brand Director, HEINZ, commented on the new launch, stating: “There are few things better than the unmistakable taste of HEINZ and enjoying a meal with family and friends. Our packets bring the magic to mealtime no matter where people are having their burger and fries but squeezing out every drop is no easy feat. We engineered the HEINZ Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to savor their favorite condiment and ensure the last drop never goes to waste again.”

Condiment lovers can snag theirs for $5.70 by visiting

Image Credit: HEINZ

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