Camping Tips for First Time Campers

Don’t Go Too Far

It can be tempting to use your first experience at camping to visit some of the more scenic locations further afield from home. But unless you are a comfortable and confident camper, it is wise to stay close to home. This way, it is easier to head home if anything happens or decide that camping really isn’t for you.

Short and Sweet

For your first few time you go out camping, keep it short. Don’t plan on long stays or excursions until you are used to life in the great outdoors. Plan for one or two nights to start with, and as you become more confident, you can increase the length of your stays.

Creature Comforts.

Becoming one with nature is great. However, you remember you will need to cook, clean up and shower/wash, and go to the bathroom. So making sure you have a hygiene camping pack, including items such as dry shampoo, body wash wipes, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and toilet roll, is vital. So is making sure you have something to eat with if you are planning on cooking around the campfire during your trip.

For cookware, you might need to take reusable camping dishes to eat off and avoid using disposable. You also need something to clean off the dishes when you have finished eating them and a camping stove to help you cook your food.

Think about what you need to sleep, so air pillows that don’t take up too much room and can be deflated are a great idea as is a blanket for when the temperature drops overnight.

Choose items you feel you will need when camping to help you feel more at ease and relaxed for your trip.

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