Chinese Streetball Sneakers : next stop dongdan

Jordan Brand has released a new collection of flashy footwear titled ‘Next Stop Dongdan’ to celebrate the Sunset Dongdan streetball tournament in Beijing, which it sponsors every year. In many respects, Dongdan Basketball Park is like China’s version of NYC’s world-famous Rucker Park. It attracts China’s top streetball talent, has become the go-to spot for top-notch pick-up, and has evolved into a cultural locus for fans of the sport.

Jordan’s latest collection consists of three new Dongdan-inspired sneakers as well as series of matching apparel. The new kicks include a pair of Air Jordan 6 Lows, Air Jordan 35 Lows, and Jordan Hydro slides, each donning vibrant colors atop smooth silhouettes. The Air Jordan 6 Low features a red and orange colorway that pays tribute to the sunsets seen from Dongdan Stadium.

Jordan Brand plans to launch this celebratory collection as a Chinese exclusive on August 29th.

Image Credit: Jordan Brand

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