Cost-Friendly Facial Razors : ROUT

ROUT is a sustainable, non-toxic and inclusive direct-to-consumer beauty brand that makes cost-friendly facial razors that are designed for all. The cost-conscious brand is devoted to challenging societal beauty norms, all the while supporting a future that’s bright, sustainable and makes self-care simple.

Adios Peach Fuzz promises to deliver a great glow in a way that doesn’t compromise when it comes to values, since the body of the razor is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Additionally, the brand’s outer paper packaging is 100% recyclable and it features earth-friendly inks. Free from virgin plastic, the blades are wrapped in PCR plastic and help to cut down on the waste associated with personal upkeep.

Intentionally, the brand chose to separate itself from tired stereotypes and gender-specific colors.

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