Details on how scripted WWE Royal Rumble matches are (Exclusive)

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters has discussed his experience of competing in WWE Royal Rumble matches.

Masters, a four-time WWE Royal Rumble participant, recently spoke about the unpredictability of WWE Royal Rumble matches on SK Wrestling’s Inside SKoop. He told Dr. Chris Featherstone that the first 20 eliminations are usually disclosed to everyone in the match. However, only a select few know the outcome.

On the latest edition of Inside SKoop, Masters revealed that WWE Royal Rumble matches are not too different to normal WWE matches.

“You have, even in a regular match, so in a Royal Rumble you have your elimination. You’re kind of paying attention to who goes out before you and then the guy who goes out after you will be paying attention to you. Then you do have spots still within that Royal Rumble where a guy either cleans house, like [Great] Khali did, or even if it’s just coming in. One of the top guys, obviously you wanna shine him up and feed him.”

Hear more of Chris Masters’ thoughts on the WWE Royal Rumble in the video above. He also discusses some of his former WWE co-workers, including JBL and The Great Khali.

Chris Masters’ WWE Royal Rumble history

Chris Masters encountered Shawn Michaels in the 2010 WWE Royal Rumble
Chris Masters encountered Shawn Michaels in the 2010 WWE Royal Rumble

Chris Masters competed in WWE Royal Rumble matches in 2006, 2007, 2010, and 2011.

The Masterpiece’s most successful WWE Royal Rumble appearance came in 2006. He spent seven minutes in the match and eliminated one Superstar – Viscera – before being thrown out by Carlito.

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Published 23 Jan 2021, 00:06 IST

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