Ecommerce Black-Owned Brand Support : Boost Black-Owned Brands

Instacart, the e-commerce platform, recently announced a new initiative designed to boost Black-owned brands. The $1 million ad initiatives will feature Black-owned CPGs in prominent advertisement placements and offering eligible businesses Instacard Ads credits for featured product offerings, resulting in higher visibility.

In addition, Instacart is creating more resources for Black-owned brands, “including a designated team focused on supporting participating brands and a monthly training series to help brands maximize the impact of their ad campaigns.”

The inclusive initiative is “just a first step” for Instacart as it looks to offer “equitable outcomes for historically underrepresented entrepreneurs and brands and create more opportunities for more companies to flourish,” Seth Dallaire, Instacart’s chief revenue officer, said in a statement.

Image Credit: Instacart

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