Eddie Kingston delivers heartfelt speech to AEW roster for Brodie Lee on Being The Elite

Today on the latest edition of Being The Elite, AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks let the world in on one of the most touching locker room speeches that wrestling fans have ever been privy to see.

Eddie Kingston stood in front of the AEW locker room following the Brodie Lee tribute show edition of Dynamite. He spoke from his heart in one of the most passionate displays of emotion you’ll ever hear from a professional wrestler.

Kingston had the following words to say to his AEW family last Wednesday night.

“We did that tonight, we made that man proud. So this doesn’t end tonight. This does not end tonight! As long as this company’s around or if I’m around and all the rest of you will be here, we’re going to do that every time, and we’re going to make him proud, and we’re going to make proud of everyone we’ve ever f****** lost, because that’s our art. That’s what we do. Don’t forget tonight, use this. Take this energy… yeah it’s negative now, but make it positive, and tell everyone you love them. Don’t be like our fathers… took my old man 55 f****** years to say he loves me.

“I love each and everyone of you, do understand that, because you put your bodies on the line. I love all of you, stay and be with each other god d*** it Brodie my mother f***** got me talking to everyone… but listen, we’re going to get past this together, we’re going to be stronger than anything. Tonight showed it, how strong we are. We fought through tears, we fought through everything, we put on, probably the greatest tribute show I’ve ever seen in my life, and we’re going to carry it. Let’s carry it, and let’s do it.”

AEW’s Brandon Cutler produced the special edition of Being The Elite

AEW’s Brandon Cutler, who does most of the camera work for Being The Elite, was the one to capture this speech on camera. He took to Twitter today to say:

“Filmed a lot of stuff that I wasn’t even sure about should be shown. Put it together in a passionate video. And I asked Matt n Nick if this should even go up (I was prepared to scrap it only to show privately). Them always being open and willing to show fans everything, gave it the go.”

If you haven’t watched the speech yet, go out of your way to check it out. No amount of transcription can do Kingston’s words justice. It just goes to show that the AEW locker room really is a family.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 06:20 IST

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