“Eric Bischoff looked at us like we were really dirt”

Jacques Rougeau has revealed that he did not have a good relationship with Eric Bischoff during his time in WCW.

Eric Bischoff worked as the Executive Producer and President of WCW, while Rougeau performed as an in-ring competitor for the company from September 1996 to June 1997.

Rougeau discussed Hulk Hogan and his run in WCW on the latest edition of SK Wrestling’s Inside SKoop with Dr. Chris Featherstone. One of his most interesting comments came when he gave his take on how Eric Bischoff spoke to WCW wrestlers.

“In WCW, there was too many Chiefs and not enough Indians,” said Rougeau. “There was too many people calling the shots and not people doing it. Bischoff, I met Bischoff a couple of times. I worked, of course, for him. I didn’t hit it off at all with him. He had such an arrogant way of speaking to the boys. He looked at us like we were really dirt. I assumed that if he did it to me, he may have done it to Hulk at one point or another.”

Nowadays, it is well known that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are friends in real life. Back then, however, Rougeau believes there may have been animosity between the two. He suggested that Hogan’s idea to lose against him in 1997 could have been a way to get back at Eric Bischoff.

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Eric Bischoff in 2020

Eric Bischoff has recently appeared in AEW
Eric Bischoff has recently appeared in AEW

Eric Bischoff left his role as the Executive Director of WWE SmackDown in October 2019. Since then, he has made occasional appearances in AEW as an on-screen talent.

He also discusses his life in the wrestling business on his weekly podcast, 83 Weeks, with host Conrad Thompson.

Published 30 Dec 2020, 00:14 IST

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