Everything known so far about Wild Rift’s Ranked Season 1 in 2021

2021 brings the first-ever official season for League of Legends’ mobile-based MOBA, Wild Rift, and the new year will be an incredible one.

Season Zero for Wild Rift finally comes to a close, and with the onset of 2021, the game will open up access to more regions, including North and South America, in March.

In the latest Season 2021 Opening Day trailer, the Wild Rift devs went over their plans of releasing two new champions per month, along with launching it’s very first global esports for Wild Rift.

Ranked matchmaking also gets its first official start, and Riot Games has implemented many adjustments to the existing system.

Here all the details about Wild Rift’s first ranked season

New Wild Rift rank adjustments:

  • Platinum 4 to Gold 1
  • Platinum 3 to Gold 1
  • Platinum 2 to Platinum 4
  • Platinum 1 to Platinum 3
  • Emerald 4 to Platinum 2
  • Emerald 3 to Platinum 1
  • Emerald 2 to Platinum 1
  • Emerald 1 to Emerald 4
  • Diamond 4 to Emerald 3
  • Diamond 3 to Emerald 2
  • Diamond 2 to Emerald 2
  • Diamond 1 to Emerald 1
  • Master to Diamond 4
  • Grandmaster to Diamond 4
  • Challenger to Diamond 3

Much like with the base game, League of Legends, Wild Rift players will also be able to show off their achievements in the game.

Fans will earn exclusive participation icons only after they have reached level 10 in the game. Moreover, players will be given an icon border based on their performances in the previous season.

Wild Rift gamers who have reached the Gold Tier and won at least ten games during Season Zero will also be provided with a unique emote and emblem.

Riot is yet to confirm how long the official season will last. However, Wild Rift fans speculate that much like League of Legends, it will last the entire year with split reward systems in between.

Published 09 Jan 2021, 12:29 IST

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