Former WWE star Shawn Stasiak opens up on his perception in the company [Exclusive]

Former WWE star Shawn Stasiak has opened up on how he believes he is perceived by WWE.

In an exclusive interview with Ryan Boman of SK Wrestling, the former WWF Hardcore Champion discussed his ideas for a potential comeback story, but that it would probably never happen due in-part to how he is perceived in WWE.

Here is what Shawn Stasiak had to say on the matter:

“But unfortunately I think I’m viewed up there as… not that I was out of control, but there was some stupid s***. I was p****ing people off, I was very insecure…. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself and, when you do that, it’s like you start to buckle and fold and start choking. As much as you don’t want to screw up, you end up screwing up because you’re trying too hard.”

Shawn Stasiak would go on to say that his lack of support backstage in WWE may have stemmed from a lack of “political” connections within the company, and that he had unfortunately attracted some backstage heat.

“Looking back now, I can see why I created some heat. But most people, including the boys in the locker room, and even a lot of the office people, they know that I always had good intentions. I just don’t think, politically, I had the right people pulling for me or supporting me.”

Shawn Stasiak has ideas for a wrestling comeback story

During the same interview, Shawn Stasiak would describe his ideas for a wrestling comeback story, should he ever choose to return to the ring. He would go on to say that he considers the idea to be “money” and that it would be a very “authentic” presentation of his character.

“There’s a bag of tricks there that I could pull from that would make for very interesting television. It would bring a very real, authentic, raw emotion out… I don’t let that consume me. I released it, I let it go, it doesn’t affect my life at all… If I need to pull from that to channel it for the right opportunity? It’s there man. And it would be very believable, and I think it’s ratings and I think it’s money.”

You can hear the conversation between Ryan Boman and Shawn Stasiak here:

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Published 05 Feb 2021, 00:36 IST

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