Functional Gut Health Refreshments : Living Tonics

The Acid League Living Tonics are a wellness-focused range of refreshments from the brand that tare focused on delivering exceptional flavor and function for consumers. The drinks come in three flavors including Coffee Chaga Maple, Passion Fruit Oolong and Vanilla Manuka Spice, which are each formulated with functional ingredients including chaga, sea buckthorn berry and Manuka honey, respectively. The drinks come in bottles with 10 shots each and can be ordered from the brand on a monthly subscription or as a one-off.

Co-Founder Scott Friedmann spoke on the new Acid League Living Tonics saying, “People drink apple cider vinegar in the mornings as a holistic health tonic and the pantry category is just bursting with these old-school drinking vinegars that frankly taste terrible. We saw an opportunity to improve the flavor and functionality of a beloved morning ritual to overcome the key consumer complaint about flavor. Not only do they have exceptional flavor, but we also added a functional ingredient to each variety knowing that consumers are prioritizing products with added health and wellness benefits.”

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