I Tried on & Other Stories’ New Arrivals—Here’s My Haul

& Other Stories happens to my (and my fellow editors’) favorite destination for pieces that meets the perfect balance between polished and trend-forward, so when I got the opportunity to test-drive the brand’s fall arrivals, I was ecstatic. They feature expensive-looking basics you’ll want in your wardrobe but add the teeniest touches of trending elements whether it’s a pop of color, fun button, or subtle print. It took quite some time to narrow down my choices, but I narrowed it down to 10 pieces and have relayed the 8 below that ended up passing my test.

Things can often look or feel different than they do on the website, so once I made my wishlist I was eager for their arrivals, especially when it comes to their special knits. The pieces all felt luxe in terms of feeling and look, so I knew they’d be hanging around in my closet for a long time. They also look a lot more expensive than they actually are, so that’s a plus. If you’ve been eyeing something on the & Other Stories but have been curious about their fit or quality, you can take a look at my personal review below.

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