Jeff Hardy makes first comment after injury scare on WWE RAW

Jeff Hardy has provided a positive update after he appeared to suffer an injury in his Symphony of Destruction match against Elias on WWE RAW.

The end of the match saw Jeff Hardy place Elias on a table at ringside before stacking multiple musical instruments on top of him. The three-time WWE World Champion then executed a Swanton Bomb from the ring post to the outside of the ring.

As he landed, Jeff Hardy’s head cannoned back off the bottom of the steel steps and he seemed to be in pain.

Speaking after the show, Jeff Hardy said the high-risk move was “no joke” but clarified that he is okay.

“Wow, my first ever Symphony of Destruction. First time ever but I hope that’s the last one I ever have. That Swanton was no joke at the end, you know. I went straight up in the air, crashed straight down. I’m okay, though, it looked a lot worse than it actually felt.”

Jeff Hardy’s rivalry with Elias

Jeff Hardy and Elias have been involved in a rivalry ever since the latter was struck by a car on SmackDown in May.

In the same interview after RAW, Jeff Hardy all but confirmed that the storyline has now come to an end. He even joked that the two men could become friends due to their shared love of music.

“I hope he’s feeling a little regret and a little guilt by accusing me of hitting him with that car for all these months. Hopefully now he realizes that I’m a good guy. I didn’t hit him with that car, and maybe we’ll bond through music somehow.”

SK Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone discussed this week’s episode of RAW with former WWE writer Vince Russo on Legion of RAW. Listen to their thoughts on every segment from the show, including Jeff Hardy vs. Elias, in the video above.

Published 01 Dec 2020, 18:12 IST

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