John Mayer Responds To Taylor Swift Fan Backlash After Joining TikTok!

Swifties are at it again! With their guns ablaze following a flopped Netflix joke aimed at their fave pop star, Taylor Swift fans honed in on her rumored ex John Mayer as he attempted to join TikTok Monday.

Sharing his first video, the 43-year-old was seen in his car as he clearly struggled with the functionality of the new app. He even asked, “Can someone tell me how to flip the camera?” But while the post has amassed over 14K comments and 1M views, help did not come his way! Instead, most viewers have called out his rumored relationship with the country star when she was just 19 years old, as many listeners believe is chronicled in her 2010 hit Dear John.

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Here’s just a smattering of some of the most humorous (and critical) responses:

“I knew exactly what was coming when I opened the comments hello swifties.”

“you’re not safe here john”

“taylor would know how to flip the camera”

“this was not the right app to join, john … #dearjohn”

“Tiktok knew what they were doing by putting this on every Taylor Swift stans FYP.”


“oh you brave swifitetok doesn’t play”

But it turns out the Waiting on the World to Change vocalist was reading along because he responded hours later!! While making a subtle reference to the comments his debut video received, he made a second upload with the caption:

“POV: You’re berating me and I’m hearing you out.”


I’m here (for you)

♬ original sound – johnmayer

LOLz. Well, at least he’s listening, right?? This isn’t the first time the guitar player has faced criticism over his infamous relationship with T. Swift. Just last week, the Grammy winner spilled to Andy Cohen that he hopes his ex-girlfriends write songs about him. Without speculating what songs may or may not be a product of his love life, he shared:

“I would be quite jazzed if this were about me. But you know, it’s probably not. I mean, I’m one of the world’s worst masochists by way of being optimistic, you know?”

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Hashing his feelings out through music (as he does best), the songwriter even closed the night with an original tune acknowledging his “new friends” and what a “weird day” his TikTok appearance made for. Listen (below):


more fun tomorrow

♬ original sound – johnmayer

Thoughts on this criticism from die-hard fans, Perezcious readers?? Was this all done in the name of fun or is this fanbase teetering on the line of bullying? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via John Mayer/TikTok & WENN/Avalon]

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