JTG recalls creative issues before WWE exit [Exclusive]

Former WWE superstar JTG recently appeared on SK Wrestling’s Off The SKript with Dr. Chris Featherstone to discuss his career in WWE.

JTG, who is most famous at one half of the popular tag team Cryme Tyme along with the late Shad Gaspard, went into detail on how he suffered with creative issues during his final years with the company. Specifically, the time he spent on the NXT brand.

“I do remember when I was on NXT though during that time. I was still very optimistic. That’s why I switched the gear up. But again, I knew there had to be a change, but my direction was all over the place. If I could go back… It wasn’t my physique because I was always in great shape and I was always a great worker. I think it would have to be, definitely my look. Because I switched to the trunks… what was my character? You know what I mean? What was the motivation? (They said) “I see that you wanna switch from the jeans to the trunks. But you just can’t do it, we have to give you a reason.””

Like many other WWE superstars, JTG struggled with creative direction later in his tenure with WWE. But, as JTG would explain, he saw his time in NXT less as “developmental” and more as an “opportunity.”

“I took it as an opportunity to get my personality over and to let them know, the powers that be, that look, Cryme Tyme wasn’t just a coincidence. I have personality, I have charisma, you just have to give me something. Give me a storyline to work with. I did that to an extent, but again, I have to take some accountability, I knew I wanted a change but the direction was all over the place.”

JTG has made a huge name for himself on the independent circuit

After spending a few years on the NXT brand of WWE, JTG was released from the company in 2014.

Since then, he has gone on to enjoy tremendous success on the independent circuit, and there have been many rumors circulating online that JTG will be signing with a “major promotion” very soon.

You can watch the rest of JTG’s conversation with Dr. Chris Featherstone here:

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Published 08 Jan 2021, 00:37 IST

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