Miniature Frozen French Baguettes : Mini French Baguettes

Trader Joe’s knows the importance of always having good bread on hand, which is why the grocery chain has created Mini French Baguettes that you can store in your freezer and pull out whenever you’re in need of a crusty baguette.

Trader Joe’s new Mini French Baguettes essentially bring the best of France to your home freezer. The Mini French Baguettes are sold in bags of six individual baguettes that have been made just for Trader Joe’s by a French bakery. The baguettes are baked to about 80% doneness and then frozen, so you can finish off the baking at home. As Trader Joe’s explains, “that means one thing in particular: ineffably French, perfectly baked Baguettes, fresh from your very own oven.”

Once fully baked, these crusty, mini baguettes can be enjoyed as sandwiches, dipped in soup, or simply slathered with butter.

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

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