Mustafa Ali responds to RETRIBUTION being called ‘jobbers’

Mustafa Ali has hit back at a Twitter user who used the phrase “jobber faction” to describe RETRIBUTION.

In wrestling, the term “jobber” is a derogatory term that is used to describe someone who loses a lot of matches. However, as Ali pointed out, RETRIBUTION’s recent win/loss record is not as bad as some people might think.

This week’s WWE RAW saw two RETRIBUTION members, SLAPJACK and RECKONING, compete in singles matches. SLAPJACK defeated Ricochet in three minutes and 31 seconds, while Dana Brooke defeated RECKONING in two minutes and 21 seconds.

RETRIBUTION’s recent WWE record

So far, RETRIBUTION’s biggest victory as a faction came on the November 16 episode of RAW. The four male Superstars in the group (MACE, Mustafa Ali, SLAPJACK, and T-BAR) defeated Team RAW in an eight-man tag team match.

Team RAW consisted of four high-profile names (Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Riddle, and Sheamus) who have since been in WWE Championship contention.

On this week’s RAW, Dana Brooke slapped Ali in the face at ringside while he was attempting to support SLAPJACK against Ricochet. The One and Only could not deal with distractions from MACE and T-BAR, allowing SLAPJACK to pick up the win.

Later in the night, Ali tried to cause another distraction in RECKONING’s match against Brooke. The plan backfired, though, and Brooke rolled up her opponent to record a victory.

Ali repeatedly shouted, “There is no failure in RETRIBUTION!” in the direction of RECKONING after the match. This, coupled with the fact that her mask fell off during the match, has led to questions about her status in the group.

RETRIBUTION’s social media popularity

Mustafa Ali also mentioned in his tweet that RETRIBUTION segments and matches are regularly among the most-watched YouTube videos from WWE RAW.

As of the time of writing, the segment where Ali was revealed as RETRIBUTION’s leader currently has 3.1 million YouTube views. The group’s SmackDown invasion, which included a RETRIBUTION member using a chainsaw on the ring ropes, has been watched 3 million times.

RETRIBUTION’s confrontations with Drew McIntyre & Keith Lee (4 million) and The Fiend & Alexa Bliss (4.5 million) also drew big numbers.

The most-watched segment took place on SmackDown when Braun Strowman found himself surrounded by RETRIBUTION members on the ring apron. That video has been watched by 17 million people so far.

Published 02 Dec 2020, 00:22 IST

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