Pregnant TikTok Star Zoe Laverne BLASTS Rumors The 13-Year-Old She Kissed Is The Father

Remember Zoe Laverne? If you’re big into TikTok, you may already know all about her. If not, you may still have heard about her controversy last year.

Back in November, the 19-year-old was defending herself against accusations of grooming after “catching feelings” for a 13-year-old, fellow TikTok star Connor Joyce.

The pair were outed as having an inappropriate relationship, after which Zoe admitted to sharing a kiss with the middle schooler but defended herself against any further accusations in a sort of apology:

“I didn’t groom Connor, I wouldn’t do that. He’s a kid and I’m aware of that. It just happened. We both were in a dark place when we first became friends and we both just ended up catching feelings for each other. And friends do that, they catch feelings for each other. That’s not a bad thing. Yes, the age is a bad thing. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, it’s not good. And we both realized that and we stopped, because we didn’t want to get this out of proportion. We didn’t want this to happen.”

OK, so that’s what you need to know…

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Monday’s big news was of the happy variety — Zoe is pregnant! The influencer shared the news to her Instagram Story, posting photos of her pregnancy tests (above), writing:

“really excited to have y’all watch my baby grow!”

Of course, the responses weren’t entirely congratulatory…

Quite a few commenters still had in mind the controversy — in which, we will state again, she shared a romantic kiss with a 13-year-old boy — and decided to throw it back in her face during what should have been a blissful moment.

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How? Well, let’s just say there was some suggestion the baby’s father was none other than Connor. Yeah.

We aren’t sure if they genuinely wondered if that was true or if it was just having some fun with at a celeb’s expense for their past misconduct, but it clearly got to Zoe. She posted in response a photo of her with her 20-year-old boyfriend Dawson Day, whom she confirms is the father:

(c) Zoe Laverne/Instagram Story

In another IG post she wrote directly to Dawson:

“You are going to be such a great daddy!! I love you so much! Thank you for changing my life so much and making me the happiest girl on earth.”

The expecting couple have been together for three months.

Dawson also responded to the rumors, rather angrily in fact, writing on his own IG:

“For the idiots talking s**t I am the father. Zoe and Connor didn’t do anything to have a baby. That’s impossible. And if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s disgusting and a real low blow to talk s**t ab an unborn child. It’s sickening. Please send positive vibes only!”

Zoe also wrote:

“The amount of people that have the guts to talk s**t about an unborn child is so upsetting and heartbreaking. Really shows the generation we are in.. and how a lot of you weren’t raised very right!!”

Oh, in addition to folks suggesting the 13-year-old she kissed was the one who fathered her child, others apparently just straight up called Zoe a liar, saying the pregnancy tests were fake — prompting this response:

(c) Zoe Laverne/Instagram Story


We hope for the baby’s sake that Zoe and Dawson can just ignore the trolling from now on and focus on themselves and the pregnancy.

[Image via Zoe Laverne/Instagram/TikTok.]

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