Rob Van Dam on what he’d have done differently before being arrested

Rob Van Dam recently opened up about being arrested for possession of marijuana in 2006, when he was in WWE. He spoke about how he would have done things differently before that arrest and how he was immature at that point in his life.

Rob Van Dam was the WWE and ECW Champion at that time, but lost both titles after his arrest in 2006. He was eventually suspended by WWE for violating their wellness policy.

In a recent interview with Thibaud Choplin, Rob Van Dam spoke about being immature during his first stint in WWE, and how he would have done things differently ahead of his 2006 arrest.

“I would’ve been a lot more careful driving. I would have paid attention to the speed limit more and I wouldn’t have had my weed all spread out over the dashboard and I wouldn’t have been smoking in the car without having some good air freshener. I would’ve been more careful and I would’ve been more open-minded. Part of being in that competitive spirit back in the day was arrogance. That was part of it. I couldn’t open up my heart to a lot of the other guys in the room because I was feeling like, ‘Man, f*ck that guy, f*ck that guy. They wanna take my spot or they’re talking sh*t about me. I’d rather knock that guy out dude’ so, now I look at as I was so immature. It was necessary at the moment I guess,” said RVD. (H/T Post Wrestling)

Rob Van Damalso stated that he is “not in talks” with Chris Jericho or anyone else in AEW. He categorically said that he is “all about the money” and that he earns 20-30 times more than what he did when he was in WWE.

Rob Van Dam post his run in WWE

Rob Van Dam left WWE in 2007 and wrestled on the independent scene for a few years following which he joined TNA. He returned to WWE briefly in 2013 and 2014, but has since wrestled in other promotions.

RVD in IMPACT Wrestling
RVD in IMPACT Wrestling

He did make a brief appearance at the RAW Reunion show last year, but hasn’t been linked with a return to WWE.

Published 24 Dec 2020, 17:44 IST

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