The real reason why Corpse Husband wants to quit streaming forever

Fans were left heartbroken when Corpse Husband revealed he will discontinue streaming games for some time.

In his past few streams, Corpse Husband has talked about his overall streaming career and how his medical conditions have impacted it. He spoke in detail about how he is physically incapable of playing multiple games for long periods of time like other streamers.

Corpse Husband suffers from a range of illnesses, including GERD, fibromyalgia, chronic ailments related to nerves and his eye, and various anxiety issues. So it can’t come as a surprise that the streamer is looking to take a break from the streaming world.

Why does Corpse Husband want to quit streaming forever?

Originally, Corpse Husband was a horror narration YouTuber. He has recently spoken in detail about the reasons behind his switch to live streaming. Corpse Husband plays Among Us for the sole reason that it does not require fast hand movements for long stretches of time.

His chronic nerve and eye condition results in excruciating pain, which sometimes leaves his entire side numb. While it’s clear that Corpse Husband enjoys engaging with his viewers, it seems like it’s just something that he can’t keep up with.

Corpse Husband has revealed that he would love to try his hand at games that some of his friends regularly stream, but this is not possible due to the multiple medical conditions that he suffers from.

His fans have always supported his decisions, and the streamer has always reciprocated that love.

Corpse Husband’s deep, mysterious voice is also a result of one of his medical conditions, namely GERD. His voice was recently analyzed by a vocalist, who believed that his voice is bound to get “grittier” over time.

Corpse Husband has also had ample success on Spotify for the handful of songs that he has created. He has made his intentions to pursue a music career quite clear.

Corpse Husband might become a full-time musician in the coming time.
Corpse Husband might become a full-time musician in the coming time.

The chances are that Corpse Husband will turn into a full-time musician in the future, but this might come with its own complications due to his health ailments.

Published 07 Jan 2021, 18:37 IST

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