The Twitter Reactions To Emma Stone’s Cruella Movie Trailer Are DIVINE!

There are 101 reasons to love the trailer for Disney’s new Cruella movie, according to Twitter!

As we reported, the studio finally dropped the first trailer for the highly-anticipated origin story that sees Emma Stone playing a younger version of the iconic villain. The minute-and-a-half long clip promises all the fun hijinks one would expect from a rags-to-riches Cruella story (also, an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race): jaw-dropping wardrobe changes, wigs, and LOTS of maniacal laughter.

Naturally, social media spectators were quick to share their thoughts, and many didn’t realize that seeing Emma stone play the infamous baddie was everything they ever needed.

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The clip left countless viewers yas-queening in excitement, as they wrote comments like:


“I am HERE for what looks to be a gritty, edgy retelling of Cruella de Vil’s story with Emma Stone’s fashionable, bold, mature yet slightly mad Estella de Vil at the helm.”

“The 3 Things We All Know About #Cruella:

– black and white hair

– wants those dogs

– fire powers”

“A brilliant critique of celebrity driven totalitarian capitalism. A must watch”

Others couldn’t help but compare the character to other iconic villains who went on to lead their own films, musing:

“Cruella is Joker for Adult Disney Women who live for the Met Gala (I’m so stoked).”

“Disney’s ‘The Joker’ ”

“Holy s**t they’re turning cruella into the joker I can’t wait this is incredible”

“The new #Cruella trailer is giving me major HarleyQuinn vibes”

“The Joker wears Prada.”

Of course, every film has its critics — and plenty expressed their doubts about this one:

“They’re turning sociopathic animal abuse into female empowerment? Another amazing blow to progress by Disney”

“I can’t believe Disney made a movie about its ultimate Karen as if Cruella is somehow supposed to be sympathetic.”

“I’m excited to see Emma Stone’s portrayal as #Cruella, but I don’t think anyone will ever match up to the Glenn Close. Her Cruella de Vil was perfection.”

But the overall reaction was positive, and whetted Twitter’s appetite for even more Disney villain origin stories:

“Everyone is all excited for Cruella while I’m over here waiting for the best villain origin story. #Cruella #Ursula”

“I’m definitely intrigued by the new #Cruella but honestly I think we all need and deserve a Scar backstory prequel ASAP.”

“Y’all bag on Cruella but when Angelina Jolie shows up in the post credits scene to say “I’m here to talk to you about Kingdom Hearts” you’re all gonna lose your s**t.”


What do U think about the trailer, Perezcious readers? Ch-ch-check it out (below) if you haven’t seen it yet, and share your thoughts in the comments!

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