This $39 App Will Make Your Business Card Rolodex Digital and Interactive

Sure, it might still be commonplace for you to pass out paper business cards, but did you ever think about what happens after you walk away? How many people who took your card are really going to make use of it?

To ensure that your contact info actually makes it to the right person, digitize your business card with the L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App: Lifetime Subscription.

You don’t have to stress about recreating the design of your card when you have the Digital Business Card Design Suite; your card design will likely improve if anything. No major graphic design skills needed, just the will to drag, drop, and click.

Plus, users are no longer bound by the confines of paper. Integrate videos, document links, catalogs, product fliers, and more. You essentially can input your entire portfolio into what would’ve been just a tiny rectangle of cardstock.

Still sound daunting? Breathe easy—you’re in good hands with a platform that’s been recognized as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit & Awards).

Now you can confirm that your card ended up in the right hands with the insights that verify who viewed and saved your card, as well as who played your video or shared any content.

L-Card allows users to quickly scan each other’s QR codes to connect. It’s what all the new-age entrepreneurs are doing.

Cut back on printing costs (and paper waste) and bring your business into 2021. You can buy an L-Card Pro Digital Business Card App: Lifetime Subscription from the Black Enterprise Shop today for under $40.

Prices subject to change.

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