Twitch streamer gets called out by mall cops for “recording kids” outside the arcade

A Twitch streamer was recently accused of “recording children” while he was streaming a quick trip to the mall.

Various Twitch “IRL” streamers tend to record different parts of their day, and this isn’t an uncommon practice. Twitch streamer Destiny was recording a trip to the mall, when he inadvertently stopped at a place that had a kids’ play-area in the vicinity as well.

Quite a few parents apparently noticed that his camera seemed to be pointing towards the kids, which in turn led to some of them complaining to the mall cop.

The cop approached the Twitch streamer, asked him why he was “recording kids,” and did not leave him alone until he was convinced that Destiny was just streaming on Twitch.

Twitch streamer gets accused of recording kids, gets told to ensure “no kids” are recorded

Steven “Destiny” Kenneth Bonnell II is a popular League of Legends streamer who also plays games such as PUBG, Minecraft, and more recently, Among Us. However, quite a few of his streams are of the “IRL” genre as well, where he spends hours recording various aspects of his everyday life.

Currently, Destiny has around 622k followers on Twitch, along with a further 323k subscribers on YouTube.

During a recent “IRL” stream, Destiny was engaging with his viewers while streaming a mall visit that he was on. He finally settled down in a specific area of the mall, where there was a kids’ arcade and some other shops close by.

Image via Destiny, Twitch
Image via Destiny, Twitch

However, after some time, a mall cop approached the streamer and asked him what exactly he was doing. Destiny explained that he is a full-time Twitch streamer.

The mall cop did believe what the Twitch streamer told him, and he explained that quite a few parents had noticed that his camera was repeatedly pointing towards the kids. He then asked Destiny to make sure that it does not record kids at all.

Destiny, considering that he was on Twitch, was very calm about the overall situation, and simply assured the cop that he would make sure not to record any kids.

While the incident itself was a minor misunderstanding, Destiny actually handled the situation pretty well, and he did not panic when approached by the mall cop.

Published 19 Dec 2020, 00:29 IST

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