Veggie-Shaped Sand Toys : Veggies Sand Toys

The ‘Veggies Sand Toys’ have been designed by Tati Ferrucio as a set of playthings for youngsters to use at the beach that will keep them stimulated and playing in the natural landscape. The toys feature interchangeable parts thanks to threaded tops, which will enable children to intermix the veggie-shaped containers on the bottom for a customized experience. The veggie containers can be filled with sand or simply shaken, which makes them suitable for a wide range of children from age two to five.

The ‘Veggies Sand Toys’ are the winner of the 2020 A’ Design Award and were explained by Ferrucio who said, “The idea of this project came from observing the natural landscape in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and how families occupy and make use of the outdoor environment. I realize that Rio has many beautiful natural parks and beaches, but none of them were well equipped to promote outdoor play for children.”

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